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Investors & Capital Partners

Our business is founded on the principles of people and partnership. Yes, we build extraordinary residences but equally important, we are constantly building extraordinary relationships. Our long-term staff retention is testament to the value that we place on their contributions and their importance to our success.This same commitment to integrity also defines our approach to investor relations. We understand that their success has been the key to our ongoing success and we believe that by creating an environment of respectful partnership, we will continue to serve our investors, capital partners, employees and our community in the best way possible.

With millions of dollars invested on behalf of leading real estate developers, lenders, and private investors, Lehmann Construction Group has created a number of solutions to effectively manage risk while maximizing partnership return. Whether your investment goals are income, capital gains, geographic diversification, or a combination, we tailor opportunities to help you achieve what you’re looking for

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Laying The Foundation

Every extraordinary development begins with the right plot of land. At Lehmann Construction Group, we see our landowners as valued partners in the development process, and strive to make mutually-beneficial deals.

How We Do It

Simply put, we do our homework. We carefully research each new urban location, assessing its amenities, transit accessibility, whether it is an established or emerging neighbourhood, along with a host of other factors. What this means is, by the time we are in talks with prospective landowners, we’re committed to the project and are looking to secure a deal.


With deeply-rooted financial relationships, we are well-capitalized and have great success ensuring deals happen. Our underwriting process is well-organized and disciplined—we never tie up land unnecessarily and do whatever is in our power to make a deal work.

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